At SedimentIQ, we have built an affordable, automated fleet analytics solution to improve pit fleet operations at underground mines without networking infrastructure. After speaking to 20+ underground mines, we learned that most mines end up with massive inefficiencies even on rudimentary areas such as ensuring shift start and end times are consistent. A lot of these inefficiencies can be solved by first recognizing that they exist and making minor tweaks, but mines don't have an automated way to collect the data to realize the existence of inefficiencies. To help such mines, we created our extremely affordable solution that utilizes off the shelf hardware and works with no infrastructure.

We recently deployed SedimentIQ at an underground silver mine in Mexico. Phones and beacons were shipped to the site, and a site engineer was able to install our system in 2 days. Android phones were attached to jumbos and scoop-trams (safely in a box to prevent any tampering), and Bluetooth beacons were placed at strategic locations of the mine (such as an ore face or entrance area of a level) to track cycle times.

Our phones collects accelerometer, gyroscope, and bluetooth data automatically throughout the shifts.  We then use machine learning to categorize whether the machine was on or off. If the machine was on, we categorize whether it was doing productive work (such as drilling for a jumbo) or non-productive work (idling or queuing).

Our cloud dashboard (accessible remotely on any device) highlighted that the start time of drills had delays of 4 hours on some days and rarely started on time. On average, the drills at this site started 2 hours later than expected. The operations team is currently working with the operators to minimize this to avoid unproductive time. We expect them to improve their jumbo utilization by 10-20% by getting a better handle of this situation.

Jumbo drill actual start time over 4 weeks (underground mine in Mexico)

Interested in trying something similar at your underground mine? Have any feedback or questions? We'd love to hear from you and ship you a pre-configured mobile phone for a free trial! Please reach out to us at [email protected].